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Learn to sail in the UK
Skipper & Sail Training

Learn to sail in the UK

Whether it is a refresher course, a taster weekend or a full RYA course, we offer a comprehensive range of courses in the UK.

RYA Training
(from competent crew to yachtmaster)

The Solent, in our view, represents the ideal starting point, thanks to good accessibility from many parts of the country but also protected waters enabling sailing in most conditions plus a great range of options to sail to, from the Isle of Wight to attractive harbours like Poole and Weymouth to the West, or Chichester and Portsmouth harbour to the East. Many of our training trips are across the channel to France and the Channel islands.

Weekend Trips

Embarking Friday evening from 6pm or by 08:30 Saturday morning our weekend tuition includes refresher courses, taster cruises and the RYA start yachting course. We will tend to sail fairly locally, visiting the isle of Wight, one of the marinas in Portsmouth harbour with Poole being the furthest we go.  Disembarkation is typically by around 4pm on Sunday afternoon.

Weekly Tuition

Our 5 day sailing courses  venture further afield with cross channel or coastal voyages as far as Weymouth and Poole. These include refresher courses and mile builder voyages and ICC courses  as well as the standard RYA courses including Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and preparation for the Yachtmaster exam.

Our 7 day courses are usually mile builder voyages  and preparation for Yachtmaster as well as our special Tidal Conversion Course

Private Tuition

Ideal for families or groups of friends or for those whi simply wish to ensure a bespoke course entirely tailored to your needs tuition with private yacht charter will ensure you have your own instructor. Depending on your previous experience, you could undertake any of the RYA courses or simply concentrate on whatever areas have been identified as your further training needs.

General Course Information

Sailing is a social sport and a sailing course can be an ideal holiday or short break and a way to make new friends. Our RYA instructors have all been chosen for their sociable approach as well as their expertise to make the time you spend with us as much fun as it is a learning experience. The waters of the Solent and English Channel represent and an ideal area to start yachting and learn to sail for both novice and advanced students alike, offering varied conditions and tides, plus an excellent selection of lights, buoys , and situations that will enhance your learning experience as you progress through the RYA sail training programme. Our sea school ethos has always been to put safety first and we hope to empower each of our students by offering simple and patient instruction, in order that they may gain confidence in their own ability as they learn how to sail and to take their first steps as skipper or to undertake longer offshore coastal passages.


To attend (and pass) the RYA Day Skipper Practical Assessment, it is EXPECTED that you are fully conversant with the theory knowledge required to the level of Day Skipper. It is therefore strongly recommended you complete the Day Skipper shorebased course beforehand. This can be completed in a single full-time week long course or an online “open ended” internet based course with an RYA registered training centre.

Likewise, if you wish to progress through the RYA scheme, from Day Skipper to Coastal Skipper to Yachtmaster Coastal, Offshore and Ocean, you should also, as prerequisites, complete the matching theory courses.

We, at Sail Charter International, can advise you of a number of RYA Training Centres which can provide your shore based/theory requirements, whether in a single week course or online – just ask for information.

Additionally, it cannot be stressed enough that LOGGING of your experience (courses and miles sailed in all/any capacity) is absolutely necessary, as your logbook will be required to be presented for inspection prior to any qualification assessment, from Day Skipper upward to Yachtmaster Ocean.

Course: Tidal refresher

Tidal Refresher Course

Aimed at those who have trained or gained their experience in non-tidal waters such as the Mediterranean, this course aims to develop and enhance a skipper’s ability and experience in tidal waters ensuring both a theoretical understanding of basic tidal theory and implications for navigation such as tidal heights and streams, as well as acquiring the practical skills required to safely handle a yacht in tidal waters. This includes mastering techniques such as ferry gliding when maneuvering a yacht in close quarters as well as tidal implications for passage planning.

Pre-course Requirements

15 days, 2 days as skipper, 300 miles, 8 night hours. Navigation to Day Skipper Shore-based standard. Sailing to Day Skipper standard.

Minimum age: 16

Course includes

  • Revision & Consolidation of procedures and routines to Day Skipper level (as the assumed starting level of the course) in tidal waters
  • Navigation – Taking and plotting visual fixes – Use of electronic navigation equipment for position fixing – Use of waypoints – Working up DR and EP – Estimating tidal heights and tidal streams – Working out course to steer to allow for tidal stream, leeway and drift – Knowledge of IALA buoyage – Maintenance of navigational records – Use of echo sounder and lead lines
  • Pilotage – Can prepare and execute pilotage plan for entry into, or departure from, harbour – Understands the use of leading and clearing lines – Use of transits and soundings as aids to pilotage.
  • Yacht handling under power – Can control the yacht effectively in a confined space under power – All berthing and un-berthing situations in various conditions of wind and tide.
  • Yacht handling under sail – Can use the sails to control the yacht in a confined space – Anchoring and mooring in various conditions of wind and tide – Can sail efficiently on all points of sail.
  • Adverse weather conditions – Preparation for heavy weather and yacht handling in strong winds and tides – Navigation and general conduct in restricted visibility.
  • Emergency situations – Recovery of man overboard under power and sail in a ridal stream – Understands action to be taken when abandoning to the life raft and during helicopter and lifeboat rescue.
Course: Coastal skipper

Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore

For those wishing to expand on their leisure sailing abilities and take it to the next level, we offer a range of courses, from yachtmaster prep and organised Certificate of Competence exams to Fast-track Yachtmaster courses to prepare you for entry into the industry.

We are always looking for crews for our flotilla and cabin charter programs and possibilities exist for both work experience and seasonal positions following successful completion of your course.

Course includes

  • Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased course
  • Yachmaster preparation (1 or 2 weeks)
  • Yachtmaster examinations
  • RYA SRC (VHF) COurse
  • RYA First Aid
For further information on any of these, please call us.

For more information about these UK based training opportunities and to see what we may be able to offer you, especially for multiple club bookings, please contact us directly.

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