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Nautical Links

Our Nautical Links are here for your information and to help you plan the best yacht charter experience possible. We hope you will find them both informative, interesting and instructional as they cover a variety of areas necessary when boating:

  • Insurance
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Navigation
  • Country-specific tourism
  • Cruising advice

Weather Forecasting

Weather forecasting and understanding is one of  THE TWO most important requirement for anyone on the water, whether sailing or powerboating.

Here we’ve put together a small selection of the weather forecasting sites we use, or have found to be useful while on the water ourselves and with friends and colleagues:

National Tourism Offices and Country Advice

Below you will find the official country tourism websites of each of the countries we cover, also, specific country sail/cruising advice (provided by Cruisers Wiki), additionally, official country specific meteorology weather forecasting sites.

General Guides & Advice

Cruisers Wiki is a comprehensive general guide to boating around the world.

Likewise, WorldAtlas is informative and interesting. Explore and enjoy them both for good advice, interesting reading and useful information.


ALL the links on this site are provided for your INFORMATION only.

Please note that ALL the links on this site are from third party providers – Sail Charter International GmbH and its Directors and Shareholders disclaim any liability for the material available via these links and from any outcome resulting from their use.

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