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Special Deals & Offers

With over 10 years of experience working in the yacht charter industry we can really “pull out the options” and search and trawl to find you the best deals around.

  • our “discounted offers” search below, automatically searches and trawls through all our linked charter operators’ discounts to find you the latest and best discounts available for your yacht charter…
  • our “late deals” search below, automatically searches through our charter operators’ last minute and late deals, many of which are seriously discounted, if you’re happy to get moving quickly…
  • Our “one-way specials” search allows you to choose, unusually, different starting and finishing marinas for your charter – these are often very competitively priced and worth exploring…


  • we have specially negotiated “Hanse specials” in Croatia throughout the Hanse Croatian fleet – ask us directly for the best Hanse deals by sending us a contact request…

We are continually searching through charter operator fleets worldwide to find you the best deals – keep an eye on this page and re-visit it to check on what we may add through the seasons…

Discounted Offers

Our discounted offers search option especially searches for the best discounted deals across our database. Click below to explore the variety of the best discounts available at the present moment.


Our late deals search option especially searches for those late and last minute deals typically available within the next four weeks only. Click below to explore the best knock-down prices for an imminent charter.

One-Way Specials

Our one-way specials is the newest of our search options which trawls through our partner charter operators’ fleets looking for yachts which can be taken in one-way charters. This is an especially interesting option for those wishing to explore further afield destinations, rather than just staying in the local area of the charter base, as you can go twice the distance away from where you chartered the boat, and return it at an alternative marina/base.

Book with SAIL CHARTER INTERNATIONAL and receive additional special offers and discounted products from our sailing partners – ask for details when you register for your QuickQuote or request any charter option from us.

Let US help YOU navigate your way through the minefield of charter agents, operators, discounts, quotes, offers, options and booking procedures… to secure, for you, the best possible yacht charter holiday for your needs and expectations.