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 If you would like to charter a boat in Croatia, but do not have any skipper licence, we can offer you training to enable you to achieve the Croatian B skipper licence in 3 or 6 days (with additional charter and sail training).

The Croatian B licence is a basic coastal qualification (ICC equivalent) which allows you to charter a Croatian charter yacht within Croatian waters, though can also be accepted in Greece and Turkey.

If you just need additional miles and more yacht handling experience: marina close-quarters, open sea sail-training etc…, we can tailor any training course to your needs.

THREE-day Training:

Our 3/4 day course is an introduction to chartering and will aim to successfully furnish you with the national Croatian “B” licence.

The course includes: three nights on board and three days with a trainer (two half days and two full days) to teach/support you through the theory test and outline the practical aspects of the course.

Course days/times are:

  • Sunday 09:00 to Tuesday 17:00
  • Tuesday 09:00 to Friday 17:00

It will cover basic navigation and nautical chart-work, meteorology, passage planning and the basics of seamanship for a beginner skipper and crew. It is essential that all candidates read and understand the course book (which will be provided) before coming on the course and taking the test with the Croatian harbourmaster.

Additionally, the practical elements which may be fitted in the short three day training period will aim to outline and demonstrate basic pilotage, navigation, seamanship and boat handling up to the initial basic standard required to skipper a small cruising yacht safely by day according to Croatian regulations. The minimum age to be awarded Croatian B sailing licence is 16.

You will be accommodated, and the course conducted, on board a charter sailing yacht (between 10 to 16m).

While this does give you a licence to charter a yacht legally, due to its short nature and limited practical training; only overviewing and demonstrating sailing/motoring is practically feasible (though still giving you the legal Croatian B licence), therefore, following this course, we do HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you also take a professional skipper with you for your first charter and/or arrange some yacht handling and sail training experience prior to taking out a charter alone. NOTE: the Croatia “B” course/test is purely a theory/oral test, even though it qualifies you to charter a yacht at sea, during daytime hours.

SIX-day Training & Charter:

Our 6/7 day course covers ALL the aspects previously described in the 3-day course.This course includes six nights on board and six days with a trainer (two half days and five full days). Additionally, this course/charter provides significantly more time and support for a greater understanding of the theory and practical application of it, as a part of the practical training. Having more time, allows for a more relaxing and enjoyable week on board – making your experience more of a holiday as well as building confidence and experience.

Course days/times are:

  • Sunday 09:00 to Friday 17:00 (with check-in/out on the Saturdays)

Additionally included are especially the aspects of running a charter yacht and how to “check-in” and arrange your own charter holiday. There is much more practical time demonstrating and repetitive practise of close quarter manoeuvring in the confines of a marina; then further out at sea, more active demonstration, in depth understanding and practise of sail handling techniques, or speed manoeuvring in a motor/powerboat. Additionally, if weather/time permit, your trainer may be able to plan with you (and take you) on an exhilarating night passage. All course participants will be able to try and practise everything.


We feel that, with this 6/7-day course, we can offer you the full training and charter experience to prepare you for your own yacht charter holiday.

3-day Training: from EUR €375.-/person

– minimum 4 people/course
(max.: 6/8 depending on yacht)
– seasonal & yacht price variations apply
– ask for specific dates/prices
– Sunday to Tuesday
– Tuesday to Friday


6-day Training: from EUR €695.-/person

– minimum 4 people/course
(max.: 6/8 depending on yacht)
– seasonal & yacht price variations apply
– ask for specific dates/prices
– Sunday to Friday
(check-in/check-out on Saturdays is possible)


… 10% OFF –  if 3 or more people are booked for our Spring training courses…

… 1 FREE Place if you book a FULL training yacht of SIX people (pay only for five) …

All discounts are available depending on numbers booked and time of season – just ask us…!

Places are now available for either the 3 or 6 day courses in April 2019
(March and May dates may be added/requested – please ask)

2019 THREE Day Courses:

  • 14.APR.2019 (Sunday @09:00 to Tuesday @17:00)
  • 16.APR.2019 (Wednesday @09:00 to Friday @1700)
  • 21.APR.2019 (Sunday @09:00 to Tuesday @17:00)
  • 23.APR.2019 (Wednesday @09:00 to Friday @1700)

(dates to be confirmed)

2019 SIX Day Courses:

  • 14.APR.2019 (Sunday @09:00 to Friday @17:00)
  • 17.APR.2019 (Thursday @0900 to Tuesday @17:00 TBC)
  • 21.APR.2019 (Sunday @09:00 to Friday @17:00)
  • 28.APR.2019 (Sunday @09:00 to Friday @17:00)

(dates to be confirmed)

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