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There is no better way to appreciate the combination of coastline exploration, aquatic adventure and exhilarating experiences, than on board a sailing or power yacht. You really do have the best of both worlds – a mobile home, which you can adventurously move around the coastline, exploring mainland areas and isolated islands at your will, combined with the enjoyment of boating itself, whether by sail or power; and don’t forget the beautiful waters and aquatic fun to be had.

Sail Charter International can arrange a wide range of sailing yachts (monohull and catamaran) and power yachts, across a range of sizes and capabilities to cover your needs across a variety of country destinations, some of which are below.

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Bareboat Charter

What is this

… take a bareboat charter when you already know how to sail and have your own sailing licence or a member of your holiday group has a licence. You or your skipper are responsibility for all the on water navigation, planning, sailing/driving etc… and the yacht in general and you can choose where you go.

To find and choose your charter yacht, complete your own “YachtSearch” using our search engine or send us a “QuickQuote” request, telling our team what you want and let us do the work for you – finding you a range of yachts matching your requirements.

Why have this

… you have your skipper licence yourself (as yet) and can take control, deciding where you want to sail yourself…

… you have total freedom and not need any outside help, or an on-board pro-skipper to advise …

Skippered Charter

What is this

… this is where you request and we provide a suitably experienced and/or qualified Skipper to sail (or drive) your yacht for you. Your skipper will take responsibility for all the on water navigation, planning, sailing/driving etc… all discussed and planned with your needs at the fore, but also taking a responsible and professional account of all other circumstances (weather, water, timing etc) for your safety. Your skipper will be a professional sailor, but may (or may not) have instruction qualifications; this would not stop you learning from him/her, but in a more informal manner; and secondary to him/her, just “skippering” for you, rather than “instructing” you or your crew.

Why have this

… you may not have your skipper licence yourself (as yet) and needs a pro to take control…

… you may have your licence, but this may be your first charter after your training and you need that extra experience and help…

… you may just want to sit back and let a pro take the responsibility this time, while you enjoy the experience with your family/friends…


What is this

… this is a group of sailing yachts (or power vessels) sailing as a coordinated group between pre-arranged destinatinations and meeting up all together for group fun…

… flotillas can be fully skippered, with a pro skipper for each yacht, leaving the “crew” to have fun together, or the “corporate team” to engage in business activities or team building… or…

… flotillas can be “Lead Yacht – Skipper/Host led” where a lead yacht and flotilla skipper (admiral), with a flotilla host, coordinates all the other skippers to arrange destinations and passages and guide all around their coastline passages… and even arrange flotilla meals/BBQs/parties at your evening destinations for collective fun all together …

Why have this

… flotillas are GREAT for Yacht Clubs, larger groups of friends together, corporate training/team-building, etc…

… you, our groups of clients, with maybe 4, 5, 6, yachts or more can sail around together, having fun, safely; rafting up all yachts together for lunch, finding isolated bays to anchor together and swim between the boats, and still all end up together at an agreed destination where you can all, once again, join up together for your evening meal, fun and party… It’s all about sailing fun with friends…

Organise Your Own
or Join one of Ours.

Tell us how many yachts you need and what model of yacht, what support elements you need (perhaps a lead flotilla yacht or RIB) and we’ll quote the best we can.

  • SCI 2020 May "Sun'n'Fun" Flotillas in Greece
  • SCI 2020 June "Sun'n'Fun" Flotillas in Croatia
  • SCI 2020 July "Sun'n'Fun" Flotillas in Italy
  • SCI 2020 August "Sun'n'Fun" Flotillas in Italy
  • SCI 2020 September "Sun'n'Fun" Flotillas in Croatia
  • SCI 2020 September "Sun'n'Fun" Flotillas in Greece
  • SCI 2020 October "Sun'n'Fun" Flotillas in Croatia


What is this

… different to a flotilla, a regatta is a fully planned and organised race between yachts…

let your competitive nature come to the fore, competing in planned regatta races – you and your crew against both the weather and the other crews… Who will come out the better?

… races may be short and physically technical, even up to three or four per day; or longer and tactical, perhaps only one or two longer passages in a day.

… regattas usually have either two or three days of racing, which may be extended up to a full week charter; having sail-training and crew-training for two days, followed by the days of racing, then a day or two wind down and fun…

Why have this

… you may be a yacht club chartering between 5-20 yachts, or just a group of friends on a few yachts wanting to have fun but be more competitive…

… you may be an individual, or a small group of friends, wanting to join a regatta – why not join one of our SCI arranged events

… if you have a large number of boats we can provide the Race Officer and Assistant (with supporting RIB) to organise and run your regatta, or… just join a pre-organised regatta…

Organised Regattas:

Join a regatta team, or get your own team together. We can arrange your participation and entry for you – just ask us which regatta you wish to join. We can even find regattas for you if you want…

Organise Your Own with SCI:

Did you represent a yacht club, or do you and a group of friends want to arrange your own fun regatta? Tell us how many yachts you need and what model preference (perhaps a matching “match-fleet”), what support elements you need and we’ll quote the best we can. Click below for an example:

Training & courses

What is this

… usually, most coastal countries have their own “yacht licence” and sail/power schools which provide teaching and examination.

… perhaps the most widely recognised, worldwide, is the UK RYA (Royal Yacht Association), which has training schools all around the UK, but also a number worldwide too.

… we, at SCI, can arrange your training and licence – just get in touch and ask…!

Why have this

… quite simple YOU NEED THIS…

… to charter a yacht, either sail or power, you need a licence…!

… there are many ways to get a licence, depending on where you wish to charter a yacht.

Get Your Sailing Licence:

Here with SCI we off both the full RYA Yachtmaster Sailing Scheme (working with RYA registered training centres), also directly,  you can achieve the national Croatian “B” Skipper Licence in either 3 or 6 days to get you started while also on a fun Croatia holiday.

Click below for more information:


What is this

… just everything you could want to enable you to lay back and chill, letting the yacht work around you, while you and your fellow guests enjoy the experience.

… everything, from being met at the airport, the transfers to the marina, meeting your skipper and host/ess with a welcome drink ready for you, all your provisioning done in advance (full or half board as required) no shopping to worry about, sailing/motoring the passages without worrying about who is doing what… etc…

… our “inclusive” options can be taken on most mid-sized yachts – no need to go for a superyacht, and pay mega prices for the experience – choose your yacht and we can discuss what can be arranged…

… special focus charters can be arranged with experienced skippers and crew teams, leading other activities: climbing, diving, cycling, hiking, yoga  etc… ask for further details.

Why have this

… whether you have a sail/power licence or not, this option allows you to really chill, sit back and enjoy the luxury of being looked after…

… be the “admiral”, discuss with your skipper where you want to go, agree the passages and plan for the day/week and let the crew manage the yacht while you – well – just enjoy it…

“Island Adventure Sailing”

Our skipper inclusive brand offers skippered inclusive sailing adventures in Croatia, Greece and Italy, also sometimes, more exotic destinations: Malta, the BVIs and Cuba. Your personal high quality yacht comes with its own skipper and crew (who can also provision and prepare for you); then also, should you wish, an activity instructor when on a specialised activity week. Click on the logo for more details and to see what we can offer.


What is this

… anywhere on the spectrum between bareboat and fully all-inclusive there may be a variety of services and extras which you may like…

… our “personalisation” services will aim to tailor your extras to match your specific requirements…

Why have this

… why not?

… just talk to us and tell us what you’d like.

… we can then, together plan and personalise your charter holiday for you…

“Island Adventure Sailing”

Book a sail-cruise holiday with our “Island Adventure Sailing” brand and thoroughly enjoy the personalisation which can be arranged. Take a whole yacht for a week or more and with your personal skipper you can plan your week to accommodate all your needs, especially with our pro-chef on board, catering for all. Click on the logo for more details and to see what we can offer.our 

Book with SAIL CHARTER INTERNATIONAL and receive additional special offers and discounted products from our sailing partners – ask for details when you register for your QuickQuote or request any charter option from us.

Let US help YOU navigate your way through the minefield of charter agents, operators, discounts, quotes, offers, options and booking procedures… to secure, for you, the best possible yacht charter holiday for your needs and expectations.