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Click on the logos above to explore what types of policy each insurer have to offer. Between them, they offer standard single and multi trip policies covering:

– yachtsman personal travel,
– skipper liability,
– passenger/crew cover,
– charter deposit,
– yacht cover (for owners)

Contact the insurers directly for specific information, ask us for our personal experiences (see note below), and if you do proceed with a policy, please do use the links above and state “referred via Sail Charter International” for the best competitive quotes.

Important note:

Each of the above insurance providers are independent from SCI and you should carefully read, explore and understand what each may have to offer, to cover your insurance needs for your sailing charter.

Please note that neither SCI directly, nor SCI’s independent agents, are able to legally recommend nor advise upon any insurance policies form any company – and will not do so.

However independent agents may share with you their personal opinions and own private insurance experiences using these (and/or other providers) if it helps you make your own individual decision regarding your insurance needs.

Book with SAIL CHARTER INTERNATIONAL and receive additional special offers and discounted products from our sailing partners – ask for details when you register for your QuickQuote or request any charter option from us.

Let US help YOU navigate your way through the minefield of charter agents, operators, discounts, quotes, offers, options and booking procedures… to secure, for you, the best possible yacht charter holiday for your needs and expectations.