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Why us?

Sail Charter International brings directly to YOU, our clients around the world, the dedication and years of experience of our independent agents in providing the best advice, booking assistance, tailored solutions, specialised add-ons and follow-up service…

Working with the three largest yacht charter operator database providers in the world, our charter agents have live and real-time access to over 8500 sail and motor yachts, across over 70 countries and 6 continents – worldwide yacht charter for an international clientele. 

We are an RYA Member Reward Partner and we offer the best charter prices, matched to ANY competitor for the same product (when jointly available)… So we can match and even beat ANY direct offer/option for the same yacht charter product – WORLDWIDE.

We are your “one-stop” providers for ALL your yachting needs …

about us

Sail Charter International, launched in early 2018, has grown rapidly to become a well reputed yacht charter price comparison website.

“SCI” is NOT a fully automated robotic site – the independent professionals working within “SCI” review each and every quote/offer and the individual personal service given to our clients has been very well received.

We’re best known for offering an independent and impartial comparison on sailing yachts in the Mediterranean’s most popular sailing areas, but we have a lot more availability and are able to offer charter options worldwide, in over 70 countries, across 6 continents – worldwide yacht charter for an international clientele.

By using our QuickQuote search you can tell us what you want and then let us find you the best selection of yachts matching your requirements; or make your own YachtSearch to explore the many yachts available online. SCI agents can offer general advice and recommendation about your charter needs and providing clear information and alternative options, so that you can book the boat that best meets your needs.

The official stuff:

www.sailcharterinternational.com is the market name for Sail Charter International GmbH. We use independent agents with access to the biggest databases of charter yachts and boats and all our charter operators and suppliers offer a guarantee of service quality and maintenance.


Dominic has travelled, lived and worked in many countries throughout Europe. He has thoroughly immersed himself within, and enjoyed, some distinctive career experiences ranging from archaeologist and ski instructor, tourism operations manager and commercial manager, teaching at elementary and secondary levels, to now sailing and power-boating. Born on the coast, in South Wales, he started sailing while a teenager in 1985 on two “Tall Ships” (Sir Winston Churchill and The Pride of Baltimore); he has owned and refitted his own yacht, and since 2014, focussed his career aspirations in this maritime direction. His sailing knowledge of the Mediterranean and east Atlantic is very broad, having sailed extensively throughout these seas. This, combined with his experience in travel, tourism and technology, makes him a valuable independent contributor under the SCI group.


Frank discovered sailing and chartering boats late in life. He is a “real Londoner” and spent many years there working in hotel management and as Hospitality Manager at Heathrow airport. He relocated to Austria in 2006 with his wife and two children, and only then became involved in sailing. As Managing Director for an Austrian/Croatian charter company, he ran a busy charter sales office in Vienna and covered operational management and quality inspection at his Croatian charter bases for a fleet of over 50 sailing yachts. His real passion for sailing is seen when he takes part in regattas and in organizing flotillas, sailing camps and training courses for his clients. His attention to detail and business experience is invaluable within the SCI collaborative group


Gabriel has felt the benefits of a sporty upbringing, learning how to sail at the age of 9 he has been exploring the mediterranean ever since. In his early teens, he took a liking to watersports, committing himself to various hobbies such as rowing and canoe polo/slalom where he was able to represent his home country in international tournaments. Gabriel spent the first half of his life living in London before moving to Austria, where he finished the majority of his education. In his late teens, he discovered an interest in advertising and decided to write a research paper on the subject of “brand awareness” to contribute to his college degree. Gabriel brings a young, dynamic workflow, and puts his marketing skills to good use for all within the SCI group.


Nejat has been “at home” with adventure pursuits for many years and over a spectrum of activities including mountaineering, snow-skiing, ski-mountaineering, paragliding, diving and of course, sailing. With significant years of experience as an “adventure sports risk analyst” he also served as a board member of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation and is still currently a board member of the Adventure Sports and Mountaineering Association in Turkey; as well as being involved at administrative management levels with the International Mountaineering & Climbing Federation. His knowledge of activities in these fields is amazing and his breadth of experience extends from the land into the sea. He will promote active and adventure sailing holidays in Greece and Turkey within the SCI group.

Book with SAIL CHARTER INTERNATIONAL and receive additional special offers and discounted products from our sailing partners – ask for details when you register for your QuickQuote or request any charter option from us.

Let US help YOU navigate your way through the minefield of charter agents, operators, discounts, quotes, offers, options and booking procedures… to secure, for you, the best possible yacht charter holiday for your needs and expectations.