45 Degrees - Sail Charter International

Sail Charter International
and 45 Degrees Sailing

Fully Crewed & Hosted Sailing Adventures
along the Croatian Coastline from Split.

Nick and Mahina are the husband and wife team behind 45 Degrees Sailing.

The company is named for their love of heeling and sailing hard into the winds of Wellington down in the low latitudes of the southern hemisphere in New Zealand.

Sail Charter International and 45 Degrees Sailing are proud to offer fully crewed & hosted comfortable sailing holidays in Croatia that are about two things: sailing and Croatia!

Nick and Mahina want to introduce you to real Croatian experiences, people and gastronomy. They say:

“being passionate about what we do is important, we have had the incredible luxury of being able to CHOOSE the best place to introduce you to this life of sun, water and amazing cultural experience. We chose Croatia for a reason. And we love sharing this incredible country with others”

They have sailed extensively in the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean, throughout New Zealand and have spent a year getting to know Sydney Harbour. Now based in Split and having sailed extensively along the coastline and Adriatic waters around Croatia, they want to share their experiences and love of the sailing and culture of Croatia with our clients.

Whether you are casual cruising as a family, adventure exploration of the stunning Croatian coastline, desirous of an exotic holiday spent sunning yourself or having an action packed race training experience, we want to get you hooked!

Enjoy the fully hosted experience provided by Sail Charter International and 45 Degrees Sailing – come sailing with us and see for yourself!

To find out more about the fantastic sailing experiences offered in partnership between Sail Charter International and 45 Degrees Sailing, visit and explore the 45 Degrees website and Facebook page (above).

Contact us directly for further information:

We feel very lucky to have had Nick’s advice, expertise and company. He transformed what would have been a good experience of sailing in Croatia into something magical. He is what I would call a ‘connector’; he connects people with other people and experiences and makes the world feel a bit ‘smaller’ (and more connected!). There were absolute gems of recommendations for places to eat and stay. We unreservedly recommend Nick and 45 degrees sailing. I’m not exaggerating to say that his knowledge made this 1 week the best of our 6 week trip around Europe. Thanks so much. (Family of 5)
– Jeannette, New Zealand
Best sailing experience. Mahina and Nick are amazing, we had a great time, learnt about sailing by doing (I was so proud to make a knot that did not untangle!), the itinerary was perfect, the food was so yummy (I wish I could teleport and have some more just now). Def worth it and def worth repeating!!!
– Mirela, Romania

I had never been sailing before and had no idea what to expect, but Nick and Mahina were absolutely incredible in helping me feel welcome and at ease. They are highly skilled, eager to teach, and fun to be around. I have a restrictive diet, so oftentimes I feel uneasy or isolated when eating in a group. It really meant a lot when Mahina and Nick genuinely listened to my food concerns, and gladly offered to accommodate so that I could enjoy my food together with everyone else, no questions asked! They truly do all they can to provide a fun and safe trip for every single person on board, and that is a special thing to find. I definitely recommend 45 Degrees!
– Mary, USA

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